Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's World.


At KA, we think of English study as more than just a subject—it is a tool for self-enrichment that allows children to develop their communication skills as well as their characters and minds. KA students grow up to become intelligent, curious, knowledgeable, creative, and cooperative bilingual citizens of Japan and of the international community. In short, KA works not only because we’re expert at preparing our students for exams, but because we prepare our students for life. 


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帰国子女アカデミー校長 チャールズ・カヌーセンの著書
Welcome Home - A Practical Guide for Parents of Returnees
帰国生が置かれる状況や帰国枠受験について、海外で培った英語力を保持するだけでなく伸ばしていく方法など、長年、帰国生の英語教育に携わり、多くの帰国生とその家族をサポートしてきたからこそ語ることができる、校長チャールズが「帰国生を持つ全ての家庭に贈る指南書 」です。
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